Customer Testimonials

What our customers say

We find the service, quality and back up service second to none - they are fine made machines. We found if there is a problem it’s fixed straight away unlike American or English products where you have to wait for parts to ship.

Dennis Clements - Total Tree Care

One of my favourite features of the C21 is that its road towable, it makes it so much easier if you want to use it at a different location, you’re not restricted. I’ve had over 25 years’ experience with Hansa Chippers, it’s great to see the advancements it’s made with its machines.

John Biesebroek - C21 owner

I love the manoeuvrability yet sturdy build and fantastic power output. It is VERY fuel efficient - on light duties, the tank lasts a day! I have chipped anything from leaves and small plant matter right through to large branches.

Simon - C7 owner

The Predator stump grinder doesn’t just nibble at tree stumps – it eats them! The ease of operation is brilliant, once you've used it for a few minutes, it becomes second nature. The controls are well labelled and given the size and power of the machine it doesn’t spread debris everywhere, making tidying up that whole lot easier!

Emma - Groundwork Trees