Garden Chippers

Garden chippers are great for processing all your unwanted branch and organic material into mulch of a fine, even texture – ideal for composting or mulching.

Useful all year round as you do your winter pruning, spring clean-up or trimming back in summer. A Hansa chipper will offer you a much faster, more efficient and more user-friendly operation.

The rotor design allows fibrous materials such palm fronds to be processed, without running the risk of wrapping around a shaft.

Recycle your waste and return it to your garden as rich organic fertiliser and retain moisture in the ground!

C3e features

C3e - A plug & play chipper for the passionate gardener

Useful all year round to assist with turning your winter pruning, spring clean-up, or summer trimmings into mulch and compost. The C3e chipper is the most efficient way to process garden material – saving you trips to the green waste disposal while hansforming your garden at the same time. Simply plug it in, turn it on and chip away.

C4 features

C4 - The chipper for the devoted gardener

This solid, light weight chipper will handle all the demands a busy garden has to offer. It’s easy starting, has a single inlet chute for simple feeding and discharge with a catch bag option to collect your mulch – keeping your property shipshape.

C7 features

C7 - Versatility from garden to acreage

If you own a larger property with lots of trees you will find the average shredder on the market is simply not satisfactory for processing all your pruning, trimmings. With its efficient self-feeding action, the C7 is one of the most easily operated machines, thanks to its extended height, your mulch can be discharged onto a trailer, ute or wheelbarrow, eliminating the need for any double handling.

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