Commercial Chippers

When you hear the phrase “world-class chippers” most would imagine hefty over powering machines manufactured and designed half the world away; Maybe in the
states or the UK. However our range of commercial, hydraulic-fed chippers are designed in-house with an unbeatable weight to power ratio – making them ideal for professional use in tight spaces and challenging terrains.

As specialists in chippers – our business can only succeed when you are getting good value and return on the machines you buy from us. Our priority is always to keep you chipping, that’s why we offer unmatched speed when it comes to service and repairs.

We also listen and regularly improve our chipper designs. we are always looking for ways to help our customers get the same jobs done more safely and effectively.

C27HS features

C27HS - A versatile 6" workhorse for any landscape

As a variation that has been built based on the standard C27 model, the compact design of the C27HS chipper and it's level feed-roller operated feeding makes it a popular choice for many: The simple controls, sub-750kg weight and low-maintenance makes it easy to hire out to weekend users, while It's powerful performance, easy maintenance and safety features appeals to both serious orchardists and arboriculture contractors alike.

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C27 features

C27 - 6" chipper with access from any angle

This is the original C27 chipper which comes standard with our innovative 360-degree turntable feature which allows feeding from any direction. While a little heavier than the C27HS at 850kgs, if access is key for your arboriculture business then this chipper is perfect. Feed from any direction while keeping the chipper coupled and discharge straight into your tow vehicle.

C40 features

C40 - the most powerful 7" diesel chipper

The powerful hydraulic feed system of this diesel-powered chipper makes it easy to process any material. Its wide feed opening pulls bushy and twisted branches with forks into the machine without effort. Activate the feed roller with the control bar and the rest is taken care of by the electronic automatic sensor feed system.

C60 features

C60 - best in class 10" chipper

Widely considered to be the best in its class, this hydraulic feed chipper boasts extraordinary capacity to weight ratio. With it's extra-wide feed opening, the C60 is often described as a ‘small in size but big in capacity’ chipper. Powerful, lightweight and manoeuvrable with retrofittable optional winch and/or lift-and-crush this is one chipper that will grow with your business.

C60RX features

C60RX - modular, practical and safe

When the job takes you to difficult sites, over rough terrain, narrow access or soft ground conditions, you need a machine that’s up to the challenge. The rubber track drive is operated by a fully proportional remote control removing the operator from the danger zone. Comfortable operating height both on and off trailer, with retrofittable optional winch and/or lift-and-crush.

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