Maintenance of Garden & Acreage chippers

For each model in the Garden & Acreage ranges we recommend the following basic maintenance activities to keep your Hansa Chipper in top working order:

  1. Before mulching you should conduct a general inspection, check the petrol, make sure there is air in the tyres and make sure the discharge chute is open
  2. After mulching, give the machine a quick clean and store it out of the weather
  3. Periodically, every 20 hours or so and depending on what materials is being processed, check the knives for sharpness, grease the bearings and check the belts for tightness

These recommendations are provided with diagrams and further explanation in your owner’s manual.

If you follow this advice you will have many years of easy mulching and you will only need to keep an eye on repairing or replacing moving parts through normal wear and tear. Your local mower store can help with ordering and replacing parts, or you can order them directly from us.


Maintenance Videos:

Hansa C7 model   |   Hansa C13 model   |   Hansa C21 model


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