Hansforming landscapes …
one chipper at a time

Established in the 1980’s, Hansa Products are specialists in the design and manufacture of high quality chipping and shredding equipment. We are always looking for new ways to create a better chipping experience and our goal is to produce products that help you to ‘hansform’ your landscape like us – working faster, better and safer than ever before.



Hansa heritage

Founded by Manfred, the next generation of Hansforming is led by son Martin. Growing up alongside Hansa, Martin developed a passion for Engineering. After following his father’s footsteps to complete an engineering degree, he officially joined Hansa in 2004, but has been involved in Hansa since day one.


Dependable for a lifetime

Whether it’s hired machine, a personal purchase or a business investment, we believe in providing the best chipping experience. That’s why our chippers come with a long warranty, and we have developed ongoing service and support systems to keep you chipping for a lifetime. As a testament to the pride that our customers feel for their chippers, we’ve met many long-time users who love their ‘Hansa’ and heard many great success stories over the years. Such is the workmanship and quality of our machines that we can still find working units of early model chippers that were made by Hansa more than 30 years ago.


Making a difference

As the second-generation owner and director, Martin has seen Hansa’s growth first-hand and found that many of Hansa’s best innovations came from listening to customers. That’s why at Hansa we make a point to ensure that everyone in the Hansa family – including staff and customers – makes a difference. To this day, the design team works to involve customer feedback into every Hansa design.


Pride in your work

As proud as we are about the chippers we produce, we know they need to earn their keep while they’re in your hands. It’s not just about getting the job done, but the experience of doing it better. Our customers are people like us, people who take pride in their work and have an appreciation for a job done well.


Sharper production

As we are specialists in chippers, we know we must offer a superior product to ensure we remain competitive to mass machine manufacturers and cheap overseas exports. That’s why all our machines are of our own design. Developed over time from first-hand experience in the field. We use the latest manufacturing technologies in our engineering and production including:

  • Solidworks 3D Design
  • CNC machining
  • Laser-cutting
  • CNC folding
  • Robot welding
  • And in-house powder-coating facilities

Our dedication to production quality helps us stand apart from others and produce unmatched durability of finish.


Sustainable ambition

We are an ambitious bunch, who want to see Hansa grow, but believe in doing it sustainably. Hansa’s sustainable growth approach means growing our exports so that more people can enjoy owning the very best chippers that we can make – without compromise.

We also believe in environmental sustainability. Our chippers are built to be as efficient as possible, using less fuel, top quality motors and finished with a non-toxic surface. Most of our customers also choose to re-use their woodchip to enrich their environment. Whether it’s composting, weed suppressing, moisture retention or volume reduction, mulch is used as a viable alternative to reduce carbon from transportation or burning for a socially responsible approach that adds value back into the landscape.


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